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Founded in 2006, near Albany, NY, we’re driven by the idea that even the most attractive small business website is absolutely useless if it is not positioned where motivated local consumers can find it. We’ve found that the only way to achieve that vital positioning is by gaining a thorough knowledge of the level of competitiveness for a given online market and its existing players, in addition to understanding the unique selling position our client brings to that market.

Your online success is our passion.

If your company’s name is Microsoft, IBM, or GE, you don’t have to worry about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Brands like those are well enough known that consumers will seek them out directly. Not to mention they can afford to spend seemingly unlimited amounts advertising on other websites and through other media outlets.

‘Content is king!’ – or, so goes the ‘old’ adage. True enough, but in today’s highly competitive local Internet marketing environment, technical prowess must equal creative flair if you want your website to flourish among the giants. – Jay Purner, Albany SEO, Founder, JaCorWeb

For small business though, every dollar counts. Whether you ultimately choose to partner with JacorWeb or not, we offer these words of caution when choosing a Web design company.

Please beware offers for any of the following:

A FREE website.
By now, this one should be self-explanatory.
Low-cost ‘shared Web hosting’
If your website isn’t hosted on a ‘dedicated IP’, it doesn’t have a unique Web address. Think of renting a very small office in the basement of a very large building as opposed to occupying a stand-alone site. Which is easier to find?
‘X’ amount of traffic for ‘X’ amount of dollars
While paid ad campaigns may be an O.K. approach for new websites that have not had time to reach the top of the rankings through local SEO efforts, research shows that local consumers trust natural (organic) results far more than ads at the top and sides of the results.
No. 1 ranking for a given set of keywords
While the goal of any SEO campaign is to achieve No. 1 ranking, it is the search engines themselves that decide who gets the top spots, not your Web design company.
‘Leasing’ of a domain name
Many an unsuspecting small business owner has fallen victim to this scam. Building a website is not like leasing a vehicle or renting an office. Unless your domain name is registered to your company, you don’t own it. Sure, the Web design firm that owns your domain will do a great job of optimizing it, but if you decide to change Web companies and aren’t prepared to pay through the nose for your own domain, that Web company can now turn around and sell a top ranking website to one of your chief competitors!
Specialization in a particular niche (ie. real estate websites, law firm (attorney) websites, restaurant websites, etc…)
These are cookie-cutter websites that are usually hosted on shared servers, and you may not even own your domain name.

A message from our founder

I grew up at the dawn of the computer age, long before the Internet. It wasn’t until I owned and operated my own venture (Creative Greenery Landscape Maintenance Services), that I became acutely aware of the costs and unlimited commitment it takes to successfully operate a small business. You could say that I got into Web Dev through the back door and earned my degree by attending the school of hard knocks. I have been lured into making some of the same mistakes mentioned above. I know what works, and I know what won’t. What sets me apart from my colleagues in the Web development field is my knowledge of what it takes to make a small business succeed, and my commitment to helping you see your vision through. If you have any questions, please call or email me directly. -Jay Purner jay@jacorweb.com