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Small Business SEO Services

Comprehensive SEO Services for Small Business

Comprehensive SEO Services for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization

(SEO), is often times defined as the manipulation of website copy (on-page factors), backlinks (off-page factors) and other search engine ranking factors, with the intended result of achieving higher placement in the ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ (un-paid) search results. While that’s not untrue, its far from complete.

When people talk about SEO, they’re generally referring to where a given company website shows up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for its key search terms. Over the years, many schemes have been developed to try to ‘trick’ search engines into placing low quality websites higher in the rankings than they deserve. However, search engines make money selling advertising (PPC) in direct relation to the quality (truthfulness, accuracy) of their organic results. As these schemes are discovered, changes are made to the ranking factors, in order to cull the posers.

As a result, the losers have declared SEO dead time and again. The truth?


SEO is as Dead as Google!


Mobile-friendly Local SEO for Small Business

Mobile-friendly Local SEO for Small Business

The answer: There are some basic on-page elements (Technical SEO) and off-page elements (Strategic SEO) that must be properly tended to in order for the search engines to ‘understand’ your products and services and display your website to the appropriate audience. If they are not, your company website has little to no chance of ranking well.

Local SEO

is the process of helping a website get found by an audience of motivated local consumers within a specific geographic area the business serves.

We know how hard you work to provide your consumers with quality products and services. We know how to get your website in front of the people who want them. We have developed 3 services to help you get the most from your investment:

Full site-crawl and comprehensive on-site (Technical SEO) analysis of mobile-friendliness, all META Tags, incoming links, canonical, server, on-page indexing issues and more. Keyword list analysis. Review of results, remedial steps and strategy recommendations.

3, 6, 12 and 18 month SEO Plans cover both on-page factors (Technical SEO) and off-page factors (Strategic SEO) for your website and your chief online competitors in your industry. Baseline and monthly reporting, competitive intelligence and continuous process improvement allow you go get to the top of the SERPs and stay there.

Includes Technical SEO Audit, local Web presence analysis, localized keyword list development, local competitor analysis, local directory listing / social citation analysis. Comprehensive reporting and review.

SEO is the process of making responsible technical and strategic changes to a website and other digital assets owned by a company, in order to increase contact points across the Web and engage with a relevant audience of motivated consumers. Let us help you bring your online presence in line with your business goals by:

  • Performing expert keyword and market research
  • Reviewing your site content and structure
  • Providing technical advice on website development: ie. hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript, etc…
  • Creating / Developing SEO content and Content Strategy
  • Managing your online business development campaigns
  • Training you or your staff on SEO Principles and SEO Best Practices

We have been producing actionable data for our satisfied SEO and Local SEO clients since 2006. Let us put our expertise in specific markets and geographies to work for you!

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